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Your Luckiest Number, According To Astrology, By Zodiac Sign | YourTango

Astrology can be surprisingly insightful in this realm, as it can predict which numbers have the greatest chance of making each zodiac sign lucky. Read on to find out which numbers are luckiest for you, as per your zodiac sign , according to astrology ,  by horoscope. The competitive and courageous Aries loves to lead and always wants to be busy.  Taurus’ reliability and stubbornness may frequently find themselves at odds with one another. Gemini, known for being quick-witted and sociable, runs into trouble when they find themselves lonely or stuck in a routine. Cancer is guided by their emotions: they’re known to be sentimental, moody, or sensitive.  RELATED:  The Luckiest Quality Of Each Zodiac Sign Leo is born to be a leader and will often take control of situations, but this leadership could manifest itself as arrogance or inflexibility. Virgo is overly-critical of both their own actions and those of others, and they sometimes find themselves getting caught up in the smaller details of life. Libra loves to keep the peace and is a big fan of fair diplomacy, but if they’re not careful they may end up letting conflicts fester as grudges. Scorpio is honest and truthful to others, and they expect the same in return. RELATED:  8 Daily Habits Of HIGHLY Lucky People (Hint: It's Not Luck) Sagittarius’ great curiosity, energy, freedom propels them throughout their life, so they won’t like feeling restrained or tied down by others. Capricorn has a great sense of responsibility and lots of self-control, but they’re also known to be unforgiving if someone wrongs them.

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